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BLITZ H7 Pro Flight Controller


Introducing the BLITZ H7 Pro Flight Controller - a powerhouse with a dual-sided shielding design that not only protects against interference but also safeguards the controller from debris, ensuring seamless operation. The detachable shielding allows for easy TF card replacement. Upgraded with a robust STM32H743 MCU, it supports input voltages up to 12S and is compatible with ArduPilot firmware, offering customers endless possibilities. Upgrade to the BLITZ H7 Pro for unparalleled performance.


Features 35x35mm mounting holes, providing a larger size for optimized flight controller PCB wiring.

GH1.25 connector design enhances terminal connection reliability and ensures easy assembly.

Utilizes an SD card for the flight controller's black box, offering increased capacity to record more flight data.

Dual-sided shielding design offers interference protection and safeguards the flight controller from foreign object malfunctions.

Removable expansion soldering pad board enables advanced users to easily connect additional peripherals.

Incorporates a high-voltage DC-DC buck converter with a chip voltage endurance of up to 100V, delivering stable and reliable voltage for the flight controller and video transmission.

Supports Betaflight and Ardupilot firmware.


Product Name: BLITZ H7 Pro Flight Controller

MCU: STM32H743

Gyro: ICM42688

Baro: DPS310

OSD: AT7456E

Input Voltage: 14.8V-50.4V (4S-12S LIPO)

Blackbox: SD Card


Smartaudio / IRC Tramp VTX protocol supported

LED controller: Yes

Beeper pad: Yes

Mount pattern: 35*35mm/φ4

Dimensions: 42*42*11.3mm

Weight: 20g

BEC: 5V 3A,12V 2.5A

BF Firmware target: IFLIGHT_BLITZ_H7_PRO (BF4.4.2)

Ardupilot Firmware: BlitzH743Pro

Wiring Suggestion

UART1 for VTX HD/Analog

UART2 for  Receiver


UART5 for ESC Telemetry

8×Dshot/PWM outputs 

2×I2C  for GPS Mag

Packing List

1 x BLITZ H7 Pro Flight Controller

1 x Cable set

1 x USB Adapter Board

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