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Centurion X8 Cinelifter Frame kit


The Centurion is a cinelifter frame kit that was meticulously crafted through collaboration with the pilots and engineers from 2RAW Aerials. Its A-frame design, in conjunction with trusses, ensures remarkable stiffness while effectively managing weight, resulting in outstanding performance. Furthermore, Centurion features a unique Aeroshell with an integrated camera mount. Trusted by many of the top pilots in the world, once built out this frame has the potential to be one of the highest performing cinelifter platforms available.


Advanced Truss Arms

The integration of an A-frame design with trusses ensures exceptional stiffness while effectively managing weight, resulting in outstanding performance.

Innovative Camera Mount

Centurion's pioneering camera mount stands apart from others on the market with its adjustable angles ranging from 10 to 50 degrees. Fashioned from 7075 aero-grade aluminium, the mount is elevated to eliminate the propellers from the cinema camera's view. Critically, it is supported along both the horizontal and vertical axes to mitigate payload resonances. As the camera angle increases for heightened speeds, the mount provides increasing support.


The AeroShell not only imparts a distinctive appearance to Centurion but has also been meticulously engineered with the assistance of PHD students to regulate airflow around the body and within the drone. Air ingress occurs through the intakes to cool the ESC, while egress is facilitated through rear exhausts. As the drone's velocity escalates, the AeroShell acts as an air divider, deflecting airflow away from the flat top plate. Moreover, the shell serves as a barrier against dirt infiltration into the electronics.

Thermal Cooling

The shell's design facilitates direct airflow across the electronics, ensuring consistent cooling. Additionally, the O3 Air Unit features an aluminum heatsink and fan assembly installed atop it to prevent overheating, even in the most extreme desert conditions, instilling confidence in operation.

Quick Release Battery System

Featuring a seamlessly integrated quick-release battery system, the Centurion optimizes efficiency in demanding filming environments. Unlike competing models, it employs battery straps and carbon plates, eliminating the need for individual battery tie-downs. This swift battery swap capability enables users to return to flight in mere seconds, enhancing productivity.


Product Name: Centurion 8 HD Cinelifter Frame

Geometry: Squashed-X

Wheelbase: 384mm

Frame Dimension: L272*W272*H96 mm

Arm Thickness: 5mm

Bottom Plate Thickness: 4mm

Upper Plate Thickness: 4mm

Max Flight Stack Height: 18mm

Max VTX Height: 35mm

Flight controller Mounting: 30.5*30.5/Φ3mm

VTX Mounting: 25.5*25.5/Φ2mm

Motor Mounting: 19*19/Φ3mm

Weight: 969g

Recommend Motor: 28xx Motor

Packing List

1 x Centurion 8 HD Cinelifter Frame

4 x 20x300mm battery strap (Color May Vary)

1 x 15x250mm battery strap (Color May Vary)

1 x DJI O3 VTX Heatsink for Centurion

1 x TPU Set

2 x Battery Anti-slip pads

1 x Screw Bag

1 x XT90E-Male Plug

1 x XT30G-Female Plug

2 x iPex/UFL to Abgle RP-SMA Adapter Cable

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