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BEC Power Cable for GOCam GR

BEC Power Cable for GOCam GR

Tags: GOCam PM GR

Can replace the camera battery, power by the Lipo battery on the quads directly, reducing weight.

The PCB position has been changed to a press-welding method, which is firmer and not easy to unplug.

Add heat-shrinkable tube wrapping at PCB to make it safer and not easy to short circuit.


Product Weight: 5.5g

Support: 4S-6S

Output: 5V/3A

Input Connector: XH2.54

Output connector: PH1.0 Male

Length: 110mm

*Plug-and-Play: Compatible with GOCam (GOCam PM GR)

Package List

1 x BEC Power Supply Adapter Cable for GOCam PM GR

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