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Fullsend 1S HV 450mAh 95C Battery


The FULLSEND 1S HV 4.35V 450mAh 95C Lipo Battery comes in a very lightweight and very compact size. The long shape of this battery makes it works best on Baby Nazgul 73MM.

The Lipo will just fit into the iFlight Baby Nazgul 73MM. Using this battery will give you a significant increase in flight time as well as a bit more power over the stock battery.


Advanced battery technology, doubles your device's performance time.

High discharge performance and high energy density.

Imported Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials.

Reliable power for FPV tiny whoop quads


Minimum Capacity: 450mAh

Configuration: JST-PH2.0 /HV4.35V/3.8V/1.14WH

C-Rating: 95C

Net Weight: 12.6g

Dimensions: 58*17*6mm

Charge Plug: JST-PH2.0


Don't over-charge or over-discharge batteries.

Don't put it besides the high-temperature condition.

Don't throw it into the fire.

Don't throw it into the water.

Packing List

5 x FULLSEND HV 1S 450mAh 95C Lipo Battery - PH2.0 

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