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ProTek25 Pusher Frame Kit


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After our big success with the iFlight ProTek series, we are now happy to announce another member. The ProTek25 Pusher!

Aiming for pilots looking for less weight but great durability, maximum performance but long distance and flight time.

A lot of thought was put into creating the best light pusher style 2.5inch quad on the market.

Cinematic as well as light freestyle is where this rig feels home. Cruising through the smallest gaps, chasing skateboards or just for fun in your backyard. 


Durable aerodynamic PP body and carbon two-piece frame construction

Only 8 screws to detach the main plastic body from the carbon frame, motors and electronics. Quick, easy and cheap repair or customization!

Reversed Pusher-style design for enhanced thrust and efficiency

Propeller thrust can travel without any disturbance of frame or wires; Increased flight time, less noise and less propwash!


Product Name:ProTek25 Pusher Frame Kit 

Wheelbase: 108mm

Frame Dimension: L76.3*W76.3mm

Bottom Plate Thickness: 3mm

Top Plate Thickness: 3mm

Upper Plate Thickness: 2mm

Camera Plate Thickness: 2mm

Motor Mounting:9x9mm

VTX Mounting:20*20 mm

Weight: 52.2grams (Included no TPU Parts)

Packing List

1 x ProTek25 Pusher Frame

1 x GoPro TPU bottom stand black 

1 x 15x150mm battery strtap

1 x 15x180mm battery strtap

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  • ProTek25 Pusher Assembly Guide 18/07/2023 1.61MB
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