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Taurus X8 V3 Frame Kit


In the Box

  • Taurus X8 V3 Frame

    Taurus X8 V3 Frame

    x 1

  • 20x300mm Battery strap

    20x300mm Battery strap

    x 4

  • 20x400mm Battery strap

    20x400mm Battery strap

    x 2

  • 20x500mm Battery strap

    20x500mm Battery strap

    x 2

  • Camera Lens Sponge

    Camera Lens Sponge

    x 1

  • Battery pads

    Battery pads

    x 2

  • Camera mount side plates

    Camera mount side plates

    x 2

  • Camera base plate

    Camera base plate

    x 1

  • Tools(Set)


    x 1


The Taurus X8 V3 BNF Cinelifter Frame Kit is aimed towards carrying big payloads, offering a soft-damped

universal platform for DSLR or cinema cameras (Red Komodo, Zcam, BMPCC, etc).


Optimized CG through the adjustable camera and battery mount

Stable silicon-ball decoupled camera CNC mount

Redundant ESC and motor configuration

2kg max payload for various cinema and DSLR cameras

Lightweight Side Panels - Keep Your Rig Clean


March 25, 2023: This Frame kit is compatible with the DJI O3 air unit.


Product Name:Taurus V3 X8 HD Cinelifter Frame

Wheelbase: 320mm

Diagonal Distance:120 mm

Frame Dimension: L283*W393*H30 mm

Arm Thickness: 8mm

Bottom Plate Thickness: 3mm

Top Plate Thickness:3mm

Upper Plate Thickness: 3mm

Camera Plate Thickness: 3mm 

Motor Mounting:19x19mm

VTX Mounting:30.5*30.5mm

Weight: 940grams (Included no TPU Parts)

Packing included

1 x Taurus V3 X8 HD Cinelifter Frame

2 x 20x300mm battery strap (Color May Vary)

2 x 20x400mm battery strap (Color May Vary)

2 x 20x500mm battery strap (Color May Vary)

1 x Aluminum Quick Release Camera Clamp

1 x Taurus X8 Hardware Accessories Kit

1 x CNC Aluminum Alloy Cam Mount

1 x DJI Air unit mount TPU

1 x 3d Printed Parts Kit

2 x Battery Pad

1 x LED mount

10 x Dampers

2 x Battery Anti-slip pads

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  • Taurus X8 V3 Assembly Guide 14/07/2023 10.75MB
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