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BLITZ Mini E55 4-IN-1 ESC


The next generation of ESCs from iFlight has arrived. Currently being used in their BNF quads such as the Nazgul F5/F6 Series BNF. These new 55 Amp BLHeli 32 BLITZ Mini 4-in-1 ESCs can handle even the most amp-hungry motors.


Jan. 28,, 2023: BLITZ Mini E55 4-IN-1 ESC V1.3 - Metal Mosfets.

June 27, 2024: Since BLheli32 Configuration is closed due to regulatory issues, if you need to adjust the parameters of this ESC, please download "BLHeliSuite32Test" in the "Download" column of this page.


Product Name: BLITZ Mini E55 4-IN-1 ESC

Input Voltage: 2-6S

Max. Continuous Current: 55A

Max. Burst Current: 65A 

MCU: G071


Firmware: BLHeli32

Current Sensor: Yes

Telemetry: Supported

Target: IFLIGHT_BLITZ_G071_01 32.9

Mounting Dimensions: 20 x20 mm/Φ4mm

Dimensions: 35x42mm

Weight: 11.3g

Protocol: Supports DShot DShot150/300/600/MultiShot/ OneShot etc

Packing List

1 x BLITZ Mini E55 4-IN-1 2-6S ESC 

1 x Power cables & ESC signal wires


If you need to use the ESC in the iH3 O3 Frame kit, please remove the capacitor after receiving the ESC, and then install the ESC.

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  • BLHeliSuite32Test 27/06/2024 3.21MB
  • BLITZ Mini E55 4-IN-1 ESC Wiring Diagram 05/07/2023 555.46KB
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