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Now open at the Mall of America


RdyTechGo at Mall of America features micro drone racing and the first ever Drone Soccer arena. The founders of the Youth Drone Sports Championships recently parlayed their successful 22 school program into a permanent interactive learning experience.

The U.S. Drone Soccer Arena stands at the storefront of the educational venue. Measuring 10′ by 20′ by 10′ high, the netted enclosure has a circular goal at each end. Drone Soccer originated in South Korea and is spreading rapidly as more students and schools get involved. Europe learned about drone soccer only a year or so ago, now Spain, France, and Germany are fielding teams of drone soccer competitors.

If this all sounds intriguing and high tech, then you’re on the right track, it is.  When students get engaged, they learn quickly about several engineering and leadership disciplines.  Participants are immersed in soldering, programming, calculating motor/propeller/electronic speed controller choices, to flying and rebuilding to keep flying and learning.

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