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Plugging in a battery can create a loud spark at the connector which is caused by the high battery current rushing into the low ESR capacitor first as well as filling up ESC capacitance. We’ve added a protective circuit to extend the lifespan of XT60 connectors and prevent rapid voltage or current spikes which can protect your electronics from damage.


Version 1

Size: 18*16mm 

Compatible:Nazgul5 V3 Frame Kit

Version 2

Size: 25*18mm 


Nazgul Evoque F4 Frame kit

Nazgul Evoque F5 V2 Frame Kit

Nazgul Evoque F6 V2 Frame Kit

Version 3

Size: 30*16mm 


Chimera7 Pro V2 / Chimera7 ECO Frame Kit

Chimera9 ECO Frame kit

XL10 V6 /CX10 ECO Frame kit


Size: 16*18mm / 25*18 mm

Input voltage: 3-6S (9-26V)

Continuous overcurrent: 30A for 60 minutes

Weight: 2.4g/ 2.6g

Size: 30*16mm

Input voltage: 4-6S (14-26V)

Continuous overcurrent: 150A

Instantaneous current: 160A

Size: 30*16mm

Weight: 4.5g

Packing List

1 x Anti Spark Filter

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