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The new Defender 16 Motor is designed for ultralight build, that micro drone change FPV in nowadays. Sub 250grams Defender 16 builds like these just got much nicer since we got the newest generation whoop style all in one (AIO) with iflight new Defender 16 frame you can build the ultralight micro drone.


Model: Defender 16 1002 Motor

KV: 14000V

Weight(included wire): 2.7g

Dimension: 12.5*11.5mm

Interphase Resistance:  0.269Ω

Input Volts: 8V

Peak Current: 6.87A

Max Watt: 53.2W

Mounting Holes: 6.6mm/φ1.4mm (3 mounting holes)

Rotor Specifications:  Segmented bell

Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm

Shaft Protruding Length: 3mm

Lead: 50mm/28AWG/SH1.25 3P

Magnet: N52H Curved

Configuration: 9N12P

Bearing Type: NMB

Bearing Specification: φ4*1.5*

Winding: Single Strand copper winding

Packing List

1 x Defender 16 1002 Motor

4 x M1.4x3 mm mounting screws

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