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Fullsend 6S 8000mAh Li-Ion Battery


Here is a battery with a larger capacity suitable for long range drone like Chimera7 Pro etc. We've flown a snow mountain with this battery! Buy it and enjoy a longer flight times!


Samsung INR21700-40T

Continuous Discharge Rating (max): 35A

Absolute Max Discharge: 45A (below 80° Celsius)

Lowest Cell Voltage: 2.5V (Do not discharge deeper than 2.5V!)

Cell combination: 6S2P 

Connector: XT60H

Great for long range quads like Chimera7 etc.

Compact Size, light weight


Capacity: 8000mAh

Battery Capacity: 177.6Wh

Voltage: 22.2V

Cell combination: 6S2P

Size: 145*61*41mm

Weight: 896g

Discharge rate: 15C

Discharge wire plug and length: XT60H-F (AMASS) -30mm

Charging cable plug and length: JST-XH2.54-7P-60mm

Minimum discharge voltage: 2.5V

Packing List

1 x Fullsend 6S 8000mAh Li-Ion Battery

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