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ProTek R25 Frame Kit

ProTek R25 Frame Kit


Product Name:ProTek R25 Frame Kit

Wheelbase: 113mm

Frame Dimension: L143*W158 mm

Arm Thickness: 2.5mm

Bottom Plate Thickness: 2.5mm

Top Plate Thickness: 2mm

Upper Plate Thickness: 2mm

Camera Plate Thickness: 2mm 

Motor Mounting:9x9mm

VTX Mounting:20*20 mm

Weight: 61.2grams (Included no TPU Parts)

Recommended Parts (Not Included)

Motor: XING 1404 4600KV

AIO: Whoop F4 AIO 1.1

Propeller : Nazgul Cine 2525 

Packing List

1x Nacked GoPro TPU bottom stand black

1x iFlight Lipo Strap 15*180mm

1x ProTek R25 Frame

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