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Nazgul XL10 V6 6S


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  • XL10 V6

    XL10 V6

    x 1

  • HQ 10X4.5X3 Propeller(Pairs)

    HQ 10X4.5X3 Propeller(Pairs)

    x 2

  • Anti-slip Battery Pads

    Anti-slip Battery Pads

    x 1

  • Battery Strap

    Battery Strap

    x 2

  • Screws Bag

    Screws Bag

    x 1


It's proud to announce the release of the XL10 V6 analog BNF, XL10 V6 6S Analog is a 10" BNF quadcopter that comes with the BLITZ Whoop 1.6W VTX Video Transmission System, and HQ  10" 3-Blade  propellers. The XL10 V6 has been pre-tuned and set up with everything you need, all you need to do is bind-and-fly! Loaded with lots of power; it comes with the XING2 3314motors, BLITZ F7 Flight Controller, and the BLITZ E55 4-IN-1 ESC, which make this quad a must-have!

The XL10 V6 BNF fly is balanced because of the true X configuration and wide stance. These main changings make flight stable in the air.


Full 3K Carbon Fiber airframe

Popular True-X configuration

Big size XING2 3314 with extreme lift and flight performance

GPS module pre-installed (BF GPS rescue or INAV GPS RTH feature available)


July 6, 2023: Camera changed from RunCam Phoenix2 SE Mini to RaceCam R1 Mini.

August 2023: Arm Guards' color changes from green to black.

March 1, 2024: The motor is changed from XING2 3110 900KV to XING2 3314 900KV.

May 8, 2024: The Albatross antenna is available in two versions, and will be shipped randomly.


Product Name: XL10 V6 Analog 10 inch

FC: BLITZ F722 Flight Controller

ESC: BLITZ E55 4-IN-1 2-6S 55A ESC

Video Transmission: BLITZ Whoop 1.6W VTX/ BLITZ whoop 2.5W VTX

Frame: 420mm wheelbase

Motor: XING2 3314 900KV motors

Prop: HQ 10X4.5X3 propellers

Weight: 860g (Without Battery)

Dimensions (L×W×H):297x297x35mm

Max Speed: 140km/h

Maximum Takeoff Altitude: 6000 m

Max Hover Time: Approx. 40 mins (with 21700 6S2P 8000mAh no load)

Max Wind Speed Resistance: Level 7

Operating Temperature Range: -10° to 40° C (14° to 104° F)

Antennas: Single Antenna

GNSS: GPS+SBAS+Galileo+QZSS+Glonass

Video Transmission

Product Name: BLITZ Whoop 5.8G 1.6W VTX

Output Power: PIT/25mW/400mW/800mW/1600mW

Input Volts: 12V

Working Current: ≤pit @40mA,≤25mw@150mA,≤400mw@330mA,≤800mw@460mA,≤1600mw@660mA

Transmission fre: 40CH(A-B-E-F-R)

Antenna Interface: IPEX

Mounting Hole: 25*25/φ1.6mm

Weight: 16.5 grams (Without antenna and cable)

Dimensions: L37mm*W31.5mm*H10mm

Product Name: BLITZ Whoop 5.8GHz 2.5W VTX

Output Power: PIT/25mW/400mW/1000mW/2500mW

Input Volts: 7-34V

Working Current: ≤pit @12V 140mA, ≤25mw@12V 200mA, ≤400mw@12V 340mA, ≤1000mw@12V 480mA, ≤2500mw@12V 780mA

Transmission fre: 40CH(A-B-E-F-R)

Antenna Interface: MMCX

Mounting Hole: 25*25/φ1.6mm

Weight: 32g

Dimensions: 50*30*16mm

Packing List

1 x XL10 V6 6S Analog BNF

1 x Battery pad

1 x Antennas

1 x Propellers(Pair)

2 x Battery strap

1 x Screw Bag


1. iFlight products may be used for civilian purposes only and any direct or indirect use of iFlight products for or in connection with the following is prohibited:

(1)Any military combat purpose or military combat related use;  

(2)Terrorist activities: The purchaser also shall require its customers or end users to comply with the foregoing requirements.

2. If party A has violated applicable export control or economic sanctions laws and regulations, Party B has the right to immediately suspend delivery of products to Party A or terminate relevant cooperation without any liability.

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