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Racing Drone Buyers Guide

Racing drone buyers guide

By DroneGirl 2 Comments

What’s In This GuideThis buyer’s guide is for first-time drone racers who want to educate themselves on:what FPV/drone racing is all aboutthe most important factors & features to consider when buying a racing rc drone; and,the best racing drones to buy.What Is A Racing Drone?Drone Racing League ...

The Secret of Ultimate Performance is Passion Nazgul Evoque F5!

The secret of ultimate performance is passion nazgul evoque f5!

By DroneGirl 1 Comment

The Secret Of Ultimate Performance Is PassionThat was the slogan for our newest approach to creating this piece of art! Fully protected electronics, fully illuminated, coupled with all the latest and greatest electronics we can offer. Months of engineering went into this BNF and all the le...

Here It Comes - ProTek60 Pro Cinelifter w/ DJI Air Unit - BNF

Here it comes - protek60 pro cinelifter w/ dji air unit - bnf

By DroneGirl 0 Comments

We believe you can't wait to see this big guy, right?Finally, here it comes: https://shop.iflight-rc.com/iflight-quads-cat25/ProTek60-Pro-HD-6S-Cinelifter-with-DJI-Air-Unit-BNF-Pro1690If you want to get professional or shoot some commercials, then this will be your best choice!HIGHLIGHTS:- Prot...

Record every moment of your flight - iFlight GOCam PM G3 and GR Action Camera!

Record every moment of your flight - iflight gocam pm g3 and gr action camera!

By DroneGirl 0 Comments

Introducing the iFlight GOCam PM Action Camera, designed for CineWhoops and all other small or big FPV quads that can carry a camera. GOCam G3 internals are based on insta360 electronics that can record up to 4K 60FPS video with FlowState Stabilization. App support (insta360 ONE R based) with t...

IFLIGHT launches new sub-250 ‘ProTek25 Pusher’ Cinewhoop

Iflight launches new sub-250 ‘protek25 pusher’ cinewhoop

By DroneGirl 0 Comments

After our big success with the iFlight ProTek series, we are now happy to announce another member. The ProTek25 Pusher!Aiming for pilots looking for less weight but great durability, maximum performance but long-distance and flight time.A lot of thought was put into creating the best light...

Chimera7 got a smaller sister (Chimera4), it is coming!!!Love it!

Chimera7 got a smaller sister (chimera4), it is coming!!!love it!

By RacingGo

Boys and Girls, ladies and gents.Chimera7 just got a smaller sister... More pics will follow! https://shop.iflight-rc.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1341...

Beyond Imagination!!! Taurus X8 HD Cinelifter w/ DJI Air Unit - BNF

Beyond imagination!!! taurus x8 hd cinelifter w/ dji air unit - bnf

By DroneGirl

Ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome to Taurus X8!The perfect Tool for the Cinema Industry. From Red Komodo to BMPCC, this Heavy Lift Rig can create Acrobatic Shots with Cinema Grade equipment.Click for more informationhttps://shop.iflight-rc.com/taurus-x8-hd-cinelifter-with-dji-air-unit-bnf-pro1525...

BumbleBee HD V3 Upgraded!!!

Bumblebee hd v3 upgraded!!!

By DroneGirl

The iFlight BumbleBee HD V3 BNF features the amazing Nebula Nano Digital HD System which makes flying truly breathtaking. The whole frame was reduced to a minimum size and weight. We came up with a 145mm diagonal motor distance for our new V3 to fit the DJI Air Uni...

New Release!!! Chimera7 6S LR BNF w/ DJI Air Unit

New release!!! chimera7 6s lr bnf w/ dji air unit

By RacingGo

Chimera7 pre-orders have been coming all over the place! Thanks for the trust guys, here's some more pics!https://shop.iflight-rc.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1337HIGHLIGHTS:- 6mm rigid arm design for more stiffness- Top- and bottom battery mount option- XING 2806.5 efficient w...

How do I bind my Frsky

How do i bind my frsky

By DroneGirl 4 Comments

You’re using a Frsky receiver?Receiver for regional FCC or LBT firmware?ALL iFlight default models are shipped with FCC firmware for global customers from our website. The European LBT standard can be selected as an option.Transmitter and Receiver FCC or LBT have to match! Updating might be necessa...

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