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XING 2205 4S 6S FPV Motor

XING 2205 4S 6S FPV Motor


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High-strength 5mm Steel shaft  

Japanese NSK φ8*φ3*4 bearings 

N52H curved magnets

Motor wires protected 

Dynamically balanced


KV: 2300KV / 3200KV/2450KV

Weight(included wire): 13g / 26.7g/25.3g

Dimension: φ28.6*16mm

Interphase Resistance: 72.41mΩ / 50.63mΩ/72.41

Input Volts: 25.2V / 16.8V/24V

Peak Current: 17.91A / 33.06A/38.43A

Max Watt: 451.33W / 548.1W/ 910W

Mounting Holes: 12*12 φ2mm

Rotor Specifications:  Unibell

Shaft Diameter: 4mm/5mm

Shaft Protruding Length: 13.5mm

Lead: 160mm/22AWG

Magnet: N52H Curved

Configuration: 12N14P

Bearing Type: NSK

Bearing Specification: φ8*φ3*4

Winding: Single Strand copper winding

Packing List

1 x XING 2205 FPV NextGen Motor black

4 x M2*7mm screws 

1 x M5 Flange Nut

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